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Born in 1965, Armenia, Yerevan

In 1992 graduated from Yerevan’s Academy of Fine arts

 In 1992 became a member of Union of the Artists of Armenia




2009 Embussy of United States, Yerevan, Armenia

2008 Gallery Ginza 1 Chome, Tokyo

2008 ACCEA(Experimental Art Museum),Grammar of Line,Yerevan,Armenia

2007 Gallery Leo 52, Yerevan, Armenia

2006 Cite des Art’s gallery, Paris, France

2002 Ivart gallery,Paris, France

2001  First floor gallery,Yerevan, Armenia

2001 Embussy of the United States, Yerevan , Armenia

2000 Embussy of Great Britain, Yerevan, Armenia

1997 Gallery Gor, Yerevan , Armenia




2011 LineArt, Gent, Belgium

2010 LineArt, Gent, Belgium

2010 Crossroad Group, Leo 52 art gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

2009 LineArt, Gent, Belgium        

2009 Creative Center, Yokahama, Japan

2009 Shirakawa Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2009 Lineart,Gallery Ginza 1 Chome, Gent, Belgium

2009 ACCEA, Armenian-Japanese Modern Art show, Transition Hypothesis, Yerevan , Armenia

2009 Armenian Modern Art, To Archil Gorky’s memory, Minas Museum, Jajur, Armenia

2008 Retrospestive Excavation, ThreeGeneration of Armenian Abstractionism,MOMA, Yerevan

2005 Art in September, Mkrtichian Gallery, Yerevan Armenia

2004 2nd show of the group Crossroad,First Floor Gallery, Yerevan Armenia

2003 Everarts Gallery, Paris, France

2002 De Heeren Von Voorburg gallery, The Haage, Holland

2001 1st show of the group Crossroad, First Floor Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

1999 Miscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia

1997 Bryer Gallery, Paris, France

1996  Cairo’s  6th International Art Biennial, Egypt

1996 Asphalt group, Painters House, Yerevan, Armenia

1994 Two artist show with Robert Abrahamian, Tumanian Museum, Yerevan

 1994 Three generation of Armenian Art, Marseille, France




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